About Us

DadThis is our forth season of sharing beautiful Hood Canal with you.  We have been in love with these waters since 1959.  Beginning at age sixteen working on the waterfront at Camp Parsons (Jackson Cove) provided me plenty of challenges during my formative years.  I quite simply fell in love with Hood Canal, a love which sustains me to this day.  I want to share the peace and beauty I’ve found here with others.  Hence Narwhal Boats.

We are a small, one person business.  While open year round, shrimping in May and early June and crabbing beginning in July and extending, depending on the numbers of crabs caught, through September or even the end of December, makes up the bulk of our rentals.  We also provide boats for fishing, sightseeing, memorials, wildlife observation, water quality testing, what ever you wish to do on Hood Canal.