Our Boats

We rent two sizes of boats.  We have two larger boats, one a 20 foot dory which will seat four with shrimping or crabbing gear, the other a 23 foot replica of an Irish crabbing boat used in the North Sea.  This boat also holds four.  The dory does not require a Washington Safe Boater’s Card (google Washington State Parks for an online, one time course), while the Irish boat does.

Our smaller boats are designed for two or three passengers.  Whereas the larger boats are made of wood, these smaller ones are aluminum.  These boats very in length from 12 to 15 feet.

Most of our boats have power pot pullers.  This is especially important for pulling deep set shrimp pots.

May 11, 15, 29 and June 1.  9 am until 1 pm each day.  We’ll be glad to reserve a boat for you.